NuVisions Center


Providing a diverse array of services to

  • help people who have low-vision or no-vision maintain their independence
  •  help to get an eye exam and glasses
  • employment for the differently-abled


Community Impact From United Way Funding

We’d like to share the story of a lady who received an eye exam and glasses through our program. In 2018 a lady came to us who needed an eye exam.  She had not had an exam in over 5 years and did not have the money or insurance to cover the cost. She was diabetic which put her in a high risk for eye related diseases, but she had no eye pain so she assumed she just needed a new glasses prescription to overcome her blurry vision.  She was not a smoker and did not use alcohol and thought she was living a healthy lifestyle.   She was eligible for our program and was approved for an eye exam. When she went to a local ophthalmologist it was discovered that she had severe proliferative diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema in both eyes. She was referred to a retina specialist and has been seeing that doctor regularly.   

In February of this year, 2020, she was eligible for another eye exam and glasses. We heard from her again, but this time she was referred to us as a low vision client.   Because we helped her with the eye exam two years ago, she was diagnosed with an eye disease she did not expect and is now seeing a retina specialist and receiving treatments for diabetic retinopathy which is slowing down the progression of the disease. She has very low vision, but is grateful that she is not totally blind and remains independent in her home at this time.