The Leaders' Circle

The Leaders' Circle

The Leaders' Circle represents a special level of community participation, an indication of deeper involvement and a desire to do more. Leadership Contributors share a common vision and they choose the United Way as their partner in caring to produce tangible results for their communities.

One Leadership Member, Pam Mannino, puts it like this:

"It is one thing to hope for and dream of a better community. It is quite another to take action upon those dreams. Our community's future rests with people who are willing to give unselfishly to others. Together we grow and develop the programs that support our neighbors. Giving at the Leaders' Circle level sets an example and shows your commitment to the United Way"


Leadership Levels

Alexis de Tocqueville.....$10,000 plus                   

Diamond Circle.....$5,000-$9,999

Platinum Plus Circle.....$4,000-$4,999

Platinum Circle.....$3,000-$3,999

Gold Plus Circle.....$2,000-$2,999

Gold Circle.....$1,500-$1,999

Silver Circle.....$1,000-$1,499

Bronze Plus Circle.....$750-$999

Bronze Circle.....$500-$749

Alexis DeTocqueville
“As soon as individuals with a cause have found one another out, they combine. From that moment, they are no longer isolated people, but a power seen from afar, whose actions serve for an example and whose language is listened to.”

Alexis de Tocqueville